Indigenous sovereign data servers

Indigenous-owned high performance computing solutions. Cloud infrastructure stewarding sovereign data on Indigenous lands.

Our mission:

One node for every nation

We are on a mission to make it possible for every Indigenous nation across Canada to have access to high-performance computing technologies that meet their unique data sovereignty needs. Data sovereignty is key to Indigenous sovereignty. 

Not every nation needs a Tier 1 data centre. But every nation needs at least one sovereign server. Data storage and protection configurations must meet the First Nations principles of OCAP® – ownership, control, access and possession – empowering a digital transformation!

Supporting strong information governance on the path to Indigenous data sovereignty.

Indigenous data sovereignty standards for all

We combine the most advanced high-performance computing technologies available with the many economic benefits of partnering with First Nations in Canada. 

We build respectful and culturally-grounded relationships with communities, bridging the gap between local Indigenous data sovereignty needs and the supercharged IT infrastructure built by our technical partners for high performance cloud and edge computing. 

Offering the best of both worlds to our clients around the world.


Ownership. Control. Access. Possession.