Indigenous Innovation Districts

Innovation districts are geographical hubs of technology and social innovation, a growing development trend in smart cities around the world.

We are working with First Nations to develop Indigenous innovation districts in Canada, enabling economic reconciliation towards a net zero future.

Indigenous innovation districts are based on our proprietary Clean Energy-Data Processing model: Indigenous-owned clean energy projects feeding on-reserve data centres and battery banks. 

The data centres purchase the power, generate revenue and operate smart grids throughout the Indigenous territory, enabling First Nations to establish their own Indigenous Utility. 

The jurisdictional authority of First Nations creates an ideal environment for clean energy and information technology innovation.

Leveraging the economic incentives of operating on-reserve, Indigenous innovation districts attract clean tech and green manufacturing enterprises. 

This business consortium contributes significant value to Indigenous economies while being environmentally and socially responsible.

These businesses may be fully or partially owned by the host First Nation, creating revenue, training and career opportunities for members.

Questions? Get in touch with us.

Are you interested in partnering with ChinookX to bring an Indigenous Innovation District to your community? We would love to hear from you. Contact us at the information below and together we’ll ensure that the infrastructure of the future in Canada is Indigenous-owned.

Robin Billy

Director of Business Development

ChinookX Technologies Ltd.

Lkwugen Territories (Victoria, BC)

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