ChinookX and Treaty One Development Corp to pursue Indigenous innovation district in Winnipeg, MB

The development of Naawi-Oodena, former Kapyong Barracks, is a landmark project not only for the Treaty One First Nations, but also for all of Winnipeg. (From the Treaty One Nation website).

For immediate release:

ChinookX is pleased to announce a Memorandum-of-Understanding (MOU) with the Treaty One Development Corporation to pursue an agreement to develop an Indigenous innovation district on the Naawi-Oodena (formerly Kapyong Barracks) lands in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Treaty One Nation, representing seven First Nations communities in Manitoba, is currently developing the largest urban Indigenous reserve in Canada. The proposed “Naawi-Oodena Innovation District” will likely consist of a high performance data centre, with the possibility of a clean energy smart grid and virtual production film studio. 

As part of a broader company mission to support Indigenous self-determination through ownership and operation in emerging technologies, ChinookX is pursuing development of Indigenous innovation districts with several First Nations across Canada based on a proprietary Clean Energy-Data Processing model of Indigenous economic development. 

“The data centre is like the brains of the new economy. The advanced technologies in these new data centre servers can help make existing developments more efficient in power consumption, whether that’s industrial, commercial or residential,” says Robin Billy of the Secwepemc Nation, co-founder and director of business development at ChinookX. 

“We look forward to working with Treaty One Nation in a good way, and exploring how the latest and greatest in high performance computing and other exciting technologies can bring economic and social benefits to Treaty One members and the City of Winnipeg,” says Billy. 

ChinookX and the Treaty One Development Corp will work together towards a Definitive Agreement over the next year. 

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